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Vision: Mission & Values

Myriad Litigation Solutions, LLC is in business to make its clients' business life simpler and easier, yet more effective and efficient.  At the heart of this mission is our consultative approach to the litigation support industry which requires the dedication of Myriad to always help the client choose the best way to manage their documents and electronic files throughout the litigation lifecycle.  This approach will save our clients time and money while increasing their overall effectiveness and ability to win cases.

Additionally, and equally as important, is our ongoing commitment to provide an unparalleled level of service and professionalism to every one of our clients.  We understand that our business life begins and ends with our client's complete satisfaction.  Myriad, therefore, will never waiver in its pledge to provide an unbeatable level of customer services.

Lastly, we realize that it takes profits to do great things.  We will charge a fair price for our services, yet always seek out ways to increase our shareholders' value.  Managing all of these components successfully is the ultimate mission of the Company.


Project Management

Ultimate Browsers SupportMyriad's project management team brings extensive expertise in guiding clients through the minefield of managing eDiscovery and generating productions.


Comprehensive Reporting

Great Docs and SupportComprehensive reporting to assist you with understanding document populations, review and production processes.  If you can think it, we can create it with customizable reporting.


Streamlined Process

Native RTL SupportMyriad's all-in-one streamlined approach to eDiscovery is a powerful and efficient method to organize the puzzle pieces, so you can understand the big picture.